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The leading compliant marketing platform for cannabis and CBD

We connect brands with consumers on premium media properties:

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Connect your brand with over 200 million canna-curious customers on the world's best publishers.

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For Brands

Vana is a better way for cannabis brands to reach broader audiences, accelerate growth, and make better-informed decisions — with confidence.

For Dispensaries

Vana is an optimal way for dispensaries to drive foot traffic to their storefront, and generate leads to their website for online ordering.

For Publishers

Vana is a secure way for mainstream publishers to connect with licensed cannabis brands and expand their inventory across cannabis and CBD.

Quality, scale, safety and performance — together on one platform.


Engagement Platform

Drive audiences to your brand optimized landing pages

With an emphasis on your product, we produce interactive landing pages optimized for consumers to discover, learn and locate your products.


Reach Network

Reach mainstream audiences across premium media properties

No longer are the days when cannabis brands can only advertise on sites related to cannabis. Reach audiences who are engaging with the latest content in health, wellness, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports on mainstream media properties.


Dynamic Compliance

Advertise with full confidence of digital compliance

We use sophisticated ad-tech software to foster the connection between digital marketing and full compliance. This means that your brand will only be seen by 21+ consumers and follow all regulations based on state.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Make informed decisions based on actual purchase intent data

Our reach network and engagement platform combine to generate large quantities of valuable data. With rich data, deep analytics, and interactive dashboards, we deliver actual insights that drive brand growth.

Solutions for THC and CBD — view our client's brand pages.

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Vana has been featured in the press and media.

“Through partnerships with premium publishers like BuzzFeed, Thrillist, and USA Today, Vana is enabling certified cannabis brands to advertise with confidence, connect with broader audiences, accelerate business growth, and make informed decisions about their marketing spend.”

“We’re aiming to set the industry standards for cannabis and CBD advertising and serve as the leading compliant marketing platform. Cannabis brands should be able to advertise with confidence while making informed decisions about their marketing spend.”

"Built In LA has rounded up 50 startups, all founded within the past three years, hand-selected by the Built In LA team for their potential to make an impact on both their industries and the city’s tech scene in 2020 — and beyond"

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