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Social CBD

Better engagement for Social CBD

Social CBD is exceeding industry benchmarks by 3x on creative engagements.

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Increased conversion for KIVA

KIVA has generated a 200% growth in visitors to their Vana-hosted microsite.

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Increased viewability for CANN

CANN has seen a 10x Increase in campaign visibility, month over month.

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Premium media partners:

The leading compliant marketing platform for cannabis and CBD.

Leveraging our connections with major media companies and organizations, Vana aims to continue our growth as the leading thought leader in cannabis compliant marketing through education, awareness and continual vetting around the brands we work with.

The Vana rulebook to compliant cannabis digital advertising.

When publishers work with Vana, they know they're working with compliant and ethical cannabis brands.

State Health Warning

We include all the various required warning statements on the bottom right corner of our landing pages.

Business License

Every digital asset produced needs to have your state license number to protect customers from unregulated cannabis products.


Every customer produced landing page uses age-gating technology to restrict access to those under 21.

Geo/Demo Targeting

We have developed software that ensures your ads will only be seen by users 21+, and in states where cannabis advertising is allowed.

Regulatory Approval

In some medically-legal states, cannabis advertisements must be approved by the state’s designated regulatory body.


We fully verify every brand's state ID and license, before its ever allowed on our platform. Period.