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Introducing Vana: Transforming the Cannabis Marketing Community

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The cannabis space — once an illegal, niche industry with little movement — has made huge strides (and waves) in the last several years, and there are no signs of slowing down.

By 2024, projections put global consumer spending at more than $40 billion. But while these figures are exciting for cannabis brands, there’s still a struggle to get the message out in a positive, legitimate way. So even as the industry soars, advertising for cannabis companies (especially those that operate online) hasn’t shared the same success.

Largely, this is because advertising outlets are wary of potential legal repercussions, so consumers are left to make cannabis purchasing decisions on their own, with no real compass to guide them.

Enter Vana.

Vana provides a safe, easy-to-use platform for consumers to find and purchase legal cannabis products — an intuitive cannabis online shopping experience. And today, we’re elevating our platform to enable brands to reach their target audiences and guide them to a branded shopping experience. With the launch of Vana, we provide your cannabis brand the resources to connect with mainstream audiences to ultimately allow them to learn about your product, locate, and order.

Putting Your Brand in Front of the Right Faces

Most cannabis brands don’t have the time or budget to create their own massive ad campaigns. But with our Vana advertising platform — launched in 2019 — we’ve created an ecosystem that includes top tier online media properties  to get your brand in front of a mainstream audience.

That kind of reach is achievable solely because of trust and compliance. From the beginning, we’ve prioritized establishing relationships with mainstream publishers —like  BuzzFeed, Hearst, USA Today, Bustle Digital Group — whose advertising reaches a massive mainstream audience. Through our partnerships with influential publishers, Vana can offer brands the best deals and the most targeted, effective ads that run at the right times.

Why are we able to connect with so many customers? We only work with publishers that have a reputation of producing quality, trustworthy content — and that have an audience to match. That selectivity has paid off: Vana is the preferred cannabis advertiser featured in BuzzFeed, USA Today, and Hearst.

Just like consumers trust these publications, the publishers trust us. That’s because we are compliance experts. It’s our biggest differentiator and the key to our success.

Publishers are often scared to advertise for cannabis companies because of legal uncertainty. The last thing they want is to run an ad for a brand that doesn’t have its license or isn’t compliant. Because Vana ensures that every brand we work with is 100% compliant in its state, those publishers’ worries are alleviated. Our ads are also geotargeted, so they won’t end up in states where advertising for cannabis companies is still illegal.

Beyond assurances about compliance, we make sure to educate publishers on today’s cannabis industry. We’re all fighting to break down the stereotype of the “lazy stoner” and highlight the health and wellness benefits of cannabis for various conditions. To change the image of the industry among publishers, we create, produce, and distribute premium content for our consumers to discover (and buy) the right cannabis for them (e.g., CBD-infused drinks that help with inflammation and the medicinal properties of marijuana).

To help your business succeed, the Vana team provides the means for your business to successfully run effective ads on mainstream lifestyle websites. We aim to leverage our knowledge of the cannabis industry and digital marketing to help your brand flourish in this new market.

Vana: Increasing Revenue With Full-Funnel Visibility

To deliver on our brand-to-sale promise, Vana facilitates streamlined ordering from retailers by listing premium products from top cannabis brands (and mapping those products and brands to nearby pickup and delivery retailers). Customers can search for products by type, brand, condition, or effects. Immediately afterward, they can purchase from stocked retailers. Our streamlined services will ensure the right customers can find and purchase your brand quickly and with ease.

Our performance analytics software allows you to view consolidated reports of your full-funnel, media, and checkout data performance. We use A/B testing to create optimized landing pages that build brand awareness, capture email addresses, and sell products. A geolocation retail finder and map allows users to find your brand’s products at nearby dispensaries. And our dashboard and reporting services provide you with metrics for your ads and landing page performance.

By putting emphasis on products rather than retailers, Vana features a range of unique brand landing pages that help move customers through their buying journey. To optimize sales, we test all product and content-focus pages to find what works best for each brand-to-sale partner.

With that experience, our cannabis online marketplace also includes full-funnel tracking from landing page to cart conversion. You’ll have a full view of users, page views, sessions, and session times as well as products added to cart, cart abandonment, and order confirmations.

On top of it all, Vana provides a trusted, verified platform that links licensed sellers with quality buyers. Consumers can be confident that while on our platform, their product searches will lead them only to approved, verified, and compliant brands like yours.


Winning Together

The fact is we don’t win if you don’t win. Our success comes down to the people and brands we’ve worked with. With people you trust on your side, navigating this industry and its marketing trends becomes a little easier.

If you’re not on our team yet, now is the time to join. We’re dedicated to providing exceptional tools and services to elevate the cannabis industry. When companies partner with Vana, they end up selling more. Period. To learn more about advertising your cannabis company, request a demo today.

Leveraging these connections with major media companies and organizations, Vana aims to continue our growth as the leading thought leader in cannabis marketing. More importantly, through education, awareness, and continual vetting on our end, we’ll achieve your brand goals in the most ethical, responsible way.

Want to learn more? Contact us today.

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The Vana Team

By: The Vana Team

Vana is the leading compliant marketing platform for cannabis and CBD. We reach over 200 million unique consumers per month and offer compliant advertising and marketing solutions for brands and retailers across the cannabis and CBD industry.