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Why Advertising On Premium Media Properties Makes All The Difference

The cannabis industry is booming, and it shows no signs of slowing down; by 2027, it’s expected to hit $57 billion worldwide. With so much potential revenue on the line, it’s important that you’re not leaving anything on the table when it comes to your cannabis advertising efforts.

As the leading compliant marketing platform for cannabis and CBD, Vana makes sure your brand only advertises on the very best media properties. The publications we partner with encompass the most highly sought-after demographic: mainstream, top-spending, educated, affluent men and women between ages 25 and 54. These consumers are increasingly looking to cannabis products for health, wellness, and social benefits, and they are finding them via lifestyle, entertainment, and sports media properties.

Read on to learn more about our most popular media properties and how they can help your brand target both current and new customers.

Self-Care Media

Credible and widely read, self-care media properties will increase the reach of your cannabis brand and speak directly to consumers looking to cannabis for benefits across the spectrum - from THC brands for relaxation and improving sleep, to CBD brands for reducing stress and looking great. This media category speaks directly to the overall wellness movement, in which cannabis brands are already becoming widely accepted:


Woman’s Day: This publication is an American women’s magazine that covers such topics as homemaking, food, nutrition, physical fitness, beauty, and fashion. Readers can expect to find inspirational opinion pieces, expert advice, and trending celebrity news on this platform. Cannabis brands can take advantage of this publication by emphasizing how their products help readers lead a calmer, healthier life.

Men’s Health: Men’s Health is the publication that male readers swear by for advice on fitness, nutrition, health, sex, style, grooming, tech, weight loss, and more. This publication offers opinion pieces, entertainment news updates, expert fitness, health and weight loss tips, and overall trending news features. Men’s Health is a publication for open-minded men, making it an ideal platform for fulfilling your cannabis advertising goals.

Well and Good: This is a lifestyle publication that offers its large base of readers — more than 5 million monthly — health and wellness tips they can apply to all facets of their lives. Ranging from relaxation to food to travel, Well and Good openly supports cannabis products and brands, particularly in the health and wellness sector. This publication is a trusted source of content and advertising; it will quickly highlight your brand as both trendy and trustworthy.

Bon Appétit: Bon Appétit is where food and culture diverge. The award-winning food lifestyle brand covers food through the lens of cooking, fashion, travel, technology, design, and home. Bon Appétit is a great place to advertise your cannabis brand, especially if you offer edible products.

Lifestyle Media 

Lifestyle publications are some of the most popular, widely read media properties in the U.S with loyal readers that closely follow their trusted lifestyle media outlets to keep up with the latest trends in fashion and cosmetics. For cannabis brands, advertising on mainstream lifestyle media properties provides access to a high-spending consumer demographic, as well as the opportunity to market your brand as nuanced and trendy. Serving ads on online lifestyle publications is particularly effective for brands offering THC or CBD infused cosmetic products. 

Allure: Allure has positioned itself as the go-to source for beauty and fashion expertise: “an insiders’ guide to a woman’s total image.” Allure investigates and celebrates beauty, fashion, and popular culture with a journalistic approach and high aesthetic standard. With approximately 7 million unique digital users a month, Allure is an ideal publication to market your cannabis brand with trendy, aesthetically pleasing advertisements. 

Cosmopolitan: This publication is a long-time best-seller, and it’s geared mainly toward women who are interested in fashion, self-care, health, fitness, and relationships. Cosmopolitan is seen as a sleek media platform where consumers seek expert tips in multiple facets of their lives. Ranging from opinion pieces to news features, this outlet provides a space for cannabis products and brands to showcase a more healthy, stress-free lifestyle. This platform averages more than 53 million unique views monthly — your cannabis advertising efforts will pay off handsomely here.

Glamour: Glamour is one of the largest fashion and beauty media brands in the world, reaching an all-time high of one out of eight American women. With their message of female empowerment and authenticity, Glamour is a trusted source of information and advice for women of all backgrounds. If your cannabis brand wants to specifically appeal to a female audience, tap into Glamour’s 16.5 million monthly digital users with your advertising efforts. 

GQ: GQ is the flagship of cutting-edge men’s fashion and style in America. Featuring highly respected, sophisticated photography, design, reporting and writing in the men’s space, GQ has become a community for readers to gather and exchange ideas around style, creativity, and culture. With 11.4 million monthly digital users, GQ is the ideal place to advertise your cannabis brand to forward-thinking men. 

Vogue: Vogue covers fashion and beauty from a global perspective. It places fashion in the context of the world we live in by providing unique and thought-provoking content on fashion, lifestyle, culture, food, music, and influential people. With 13 million monthly digital users, Vogue is the perfect place to market your cannabis brand to an audience eager to incorporate trending products into their lifestyles. 

Entertainment Media

Entertainment platforms are household names that capture a large and varied audience; this means your cannabis brand will get more eyes and interest. In these media outlets, brands can use fun imagery and messaging that show cannabis as a safe way to relax and hang out with friends and family. Through these platforms, you have many avenues to show how your products help consumers have fun and socialize:


BuzzFeed: This publication features the latest news, serious journalism, quizzes, videos, celebrity happenings, recipes, Tasty food videos, DIY life hacks, and buzzy trends you’ll want to share. Readers of this platform are looking for fun tips on lifestyle changes and products, and cannabis brands can cash in on this: Their products can be seen as credible and trustworthy, but also as a source of entertainment and fun. This platform averages more than 143 million unique views monthly.

USA TODAYThis publication delivers current local and national news, sports, entertainment, finance, technology, and more through award-winning journalism, photos, and videos. Sometimes, it even shares cannabis industry news. This platform has a large and varied readership, ensuring your cannabis products and brands will get seen, further boosting your reputation as a credible and trusted brand. This platform averages more than 118 million unique views monthly.

Rolling Stone: This publication is a long-standing monthly magazine that focuses primarily on music, politics, and popular culture. With almost 20 million unique monthly views, this publication will place your cannabis brand in front of a massive readership that is interested in the latest pop culture trends.

Vanity Fair: With long-form journalism, stunning photography, insightful essays, and superb design, Vanity Fair is a must-read for those who want to stay up to date with current events in business and finance, domestic politics, world affairs, arts, and entertainment. If your cannabis brand is seeking to target a highly sophisticated, educated consumer demographic, advertising on Vanity Fair will position your brand as credible and trustworthy. 

The New Yorker: Since 1925, the New Yorker has been Americans’ trusted source for reporting and commentary on politics, foreign affairs, business, technology, pop culture, and the arts, along with humor, fiction, poetry, and cartoons. With such a wide range of content, the New Yorker is an extremely effective media property to advertise your cannabis brand to a diverse audience.

Sports Media

Sports publications are highly relevant for cannabis brands, especially CBD, because they speak directly about the use cases for athletes and weekend warriors - for example: topical products that can relieve an athlete’s minor aches and pains. Your advertisements, coupled with sports-related content and imagery, and contextual placement, will drive interest in your brand across this important segment:

Runners World

Runner’s World: Runner’s World is the publication for all runners, beginner or advanced. This publication offers the latest news happening in the world of running, along with expert advice and opinion pieces. Readers of Runner’s World can expect to find tips about everything from training shoes to new products that help leg pain. The publication also highlights the latest news in the running space, ranging from the newest scientific findings to updates on professional runners’ careers. With more than 3 million average monthly unique views, advertising on this platform will help your cannabis marketing efforts thrive.

Road & Track: This publication is a magazine for American automotive enthusiasts. It addresses the latest auto industry news, while also giving readers a sneak peek at upcoming car models and insider news. This platform features a balance of trending news and opinion pieces. Readers can sharpen their knowledge of their favorite hobby quickly with “Road and Track.” This platform averages more than 4.5 million unique views monthly.

HoopsHype: This publication is the go-to for all NBA fanatics. On HoopsHype, consumers can read the latest NBA news, rumors, trades, salaries — even NBA players’ Twitter accounts. HoopsHype features at least one post daily about trending NBA news, and it also breaks down information across the full league. This platform averages more than 3 million unique views monthly.

Pubs for Progress

The value of leveraging the power behind these renowned publications is indisputable. Because it’s inherently difficult for cannabis brands to market their products on mainstream media, Vana has developed a streamlined, compliant way to make it happen. Let us help your cannabis brand advertise in some of these top-tier publications today, and watch your brand reach new heights.

The Vana Team

By: The Vana Team

Vana is the leading compliant marketing platform for cannabis and CBD. We reach over 200 million unique consumers per month and offer compliant advertising and marketing solutions for brands and retailers across the cannabis and CBD industry.