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Vana Platform

Quality, scale, safety, and performance on one platform

With Vana, compliant brands get access to over 250 million people on our trusted network of editorial publishers.

Bringing modern marketing to the legal cannabis industry.

Engagement Platform

Educate and engage consumers with a product-focused brand page.

With an emphasis on your product, we provide you with a free suite of tools to showcase your brand and connect you to the Vana community.


Our consumer-focused website creates a safe space for people to explore verified cannabis products that fit their lifestyle and purpose.

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Vana Engagement Platform
Reach Network

Reach Network

Reach mainstream audiences across premium media properties

No longer are the days when cannabis brands can only advertise on sites related to cannabis. Reach audiences who are engaging with the latest content in health, wellness, lifestyle, entertainment, and sports on mainstream media properties.

  • 200M+ monthly uniques
  • Average HHI: $109k
  • 76% Mobile Audience

Dynamic Compliance

Advertise with full confidence of digital compliance

We use sophisticated software to foster the connection between digital marketing and full compliance. This means that your brand will only be seen by 21+ consumers and follow all regulations based on state.

  • Compliant campaigns
  • Licensed brands
  • Age-gated audiences
  • State-legalized geographies
Dynamic Compliance
Data Agility

Data Insights

Make informed business decisions based on actual data

Our reach network and engagement platform combine to generate large quantities of valuable data. With rich data, deep analytics, and interactive dashboards, we deliver actual insights that drive brand growth.

  • Publisher performance
  • Platform engagement
  • Product interest
  • Customer journey

Brand Rebates

Easily offer manufacturer’s rebates to consumers on the Vana Platform

Our incentive platform is designed to drive sales and new product adoption on behalf of your brand. Get contact information on deals claimed and true offline conversion data when running your marketing campaigns.

  • Clear ROI
  • Brand loyalty
  • No retailer integration
  • Great SEO value

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