Bringing Modern Marketing To The Legal Cannabis Industry


Reach Network

Brand awareness via premium media properties on Vana's private network.

Our mission is connecting advertisers with audiences across a wide network of premium publishers.  We reach over 200 million unique consumers monthly and provide brand-safe, premium digital advertising solutions with insights derived from actual performance metrics.

Our flexible service options help cannabis advertisers deliver relevant, engaging messages to consumers across all screens and platforms including desktop, mobile, and tablet.

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Engagement Platform 

Interactive landing pages optimized for consumers to discover, learn, and locate products.

By putting emphasis on the product, we produce a range of unique brand landing pages that help move customers through their buying journey.

We create optimized landing pages that build awareness + consideration, capture emails and prompt engagement from consumers.

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Dynamic Compliance

The first industry-specific solution for compliance at scale

We use sophisticated ad-tech software to foster the connection between digital marketing and full compliance. This means that your brand will only be seen by 21+ consumers and will be fully compliant by state. For example, our technology will dynamically populate your unique state business license based on where your ad is served.

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Dynamic Compliance
Reporting + Insights

Data + Insights

Our reach network and engagement platform combine to generate large quantities of valuable data.

Our rich data, deep analytics, and interactive dashboards deliver actionable insights to drive brand growth.  Our consumer engagements include journey tracking, retailer look-ups and calls and click-outs to order.

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